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i just downloaded lochjournal 2.2 because i want to more speedily change some of my back entries to 'friends-only'. i haven't been able to figure out how to do this though! can someone help? thanks!

Default Browser

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but LochJournal 1.1 will insist on using IE for navigation between pages (eg. quick links to friends, userinfo, userpics, etc) even though my default browser is Mozilla (Mr. Bill's Browser seems to be 'integrated' with everything nowadays mumble grumble) and I want it to navigate the pages using Mozilla!
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I seem to be the only person in the new forum, so I'll post this here too...

I'm new to this so I am using v1.00 as a new installation, not an upgrade.

Whether I log on manually, or set the program to log on automatically on starting I get the same problem.

Nothing works, submitting a journal entry, getting the history etc all do nothing.

In the status log I get an entry "ljGetAll done processing, now handling data." Unlike for ljLogin an entry does not appear stating "...has finished all data handling, freeing.".

So I would imagine the problem is that whatever data it is trying to handle, it doesn't get to the end of.

Any suggestions as to how to use the program would be wonderful, but as I can't see anything wrong in the configuration I can only assume that there is a bug somewhere?


Hi, I'm new to the community and new to lochjournal.

I seem to be having a problem when I post html tags through lochjournal.. my opening tag "<" is replaced with "&_l_t_;"(without the spaces).

What's with that? Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something terribly obvious?

My tags come out looking like.... tags, not links:

<a href=""> my web site </a>
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Running into a bit of a problem here... every time I reboot my system (or close LochJournal and reopen it), I have to recreate my profile, redo all my settings.... it's getting a bit... tiresome.

I'm using the latest version... is there something I have set incorrectly, or is it a bug?

Bug report

When switching between profiles, the main window gets shrunk. Dunno why this is.
Also, some of the dates in the birthday window are getting messed up. Such as:

12845-49: stpsjewel
17737-17486: paidmembers
17737-17486: stars_pyre

Also noticed that some users' birthdays appear correct in my profile, but incorrect in another.

I heard that this forum was going to be closed soon. How will bug reports be handled once this happens?
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Just a wee suggestion

First of all, let me be among the first to say that 1.0 is GREAT.
Just a bit of a tweak - is it possible to have a configuration option for the birthday alert message box? To where it would show them on the day of if you set it to do that, or you could have it not show them until there is a change to the box? I'm not sure how that would work, and I'm not even sure that it makes sense.
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Couple of suggestions...

1. More an observation, and looking for a solution in case it's on my end. I notice that when Lochy is flashing and I chose "View Friends Page" that if I've already viewed it earlier, it won't refresh and I have to click the "Refresh" button on the browser (IE 6.0) in order to see the new posts.

2. The addition of the linking to image HTML coding (so I don't have to dig out my trusty HTML manual) in the HTML pull down menu.